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Joe Metlow (Owner/Founder)

Works at the South Florida Location

I am a professional paint polisher. If your paint needs polishing, scratch/swirl removal, I use nothing but the best products, and best supplies to take your car to the Next Level.

If you want to protect your car to the max for winter, I offer paint sealants and paint coatings. Paint sealants are designed to last 6 months and up to 1 year of water beading and sheeting.

Q : Why is it important to keep your car waxed and sealed ? What is the big deal?

A: Having a properly protected vehicle, makes the car easier to wash. These protective layers protect from bird poop, dust, mud, rain, industrial fallout and more. This makes it very difficult for anything to stick to the paint, making your car less vulnerable to have all these contaminants adhere to your car. YOUR CAR WILL LOOK BETTER FOR LONGER, and the next wash will be that much easier!

I am a licensed auto detailer with years of experience in scratch removal, swirl removal, faded paint dull paint - I can make your paint look like new again. Honest pricing, and I will treat your car like it's my own. I do not cut corners because I know how to do the job the right way.

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